Why Motorized Shades Can Be A Boon For Homes In Utah

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Provo is one of the fastest-growing cities in Utah, and this city has several unique characteristics that make it stand out from other cities in the state and even across the country. Provo is located in a semi-arid climate with hot summers and cold winters. While this weather makes it a great place to live during most seasons, some challenges arise during certain times of the year because of its unique climate. One challenge for homeowners here is maintaining their indoor climate as temperatures fluctuate throughout each season. Shades like the Hunter Douglas Motorized Shades in Provo, UT, can help mitigate these temperature fluctuations while still allowing natural light into the home through windows and doors!

For residents living in the city, shades like the Hunter Douglas Motorized Shades in Provo, UT, can be a fine addition to any home in the city, and here are a few reasons listed below as to why: 

  1. Provo’s Challenging Climate: 

Provo has a unique climate that challenges some of its residents when it comes to maintaining their homes. The city sits in a semi-arid region, which means it experiences hot summers and cold winters. Provo’s average high temperature during the summer months is 90 degrees Fahrenheit while its average low temperature during these months is 70 degrees. In winter, temperatures can drop below freezing on an average of 30 days each year, with an average low temperature at 20 degrees Fahrenheit. These numbers may sound mild compared to other parts of the country, but they are still enough to cause damage to homes if left unchecked. The unique nature of Provo’s climate makes it difficult for residents in Utah County to keep their homes comfortable at all times without having motorized blinds installed on their windows or doors. A few years back, Provo was recorded to have one of the hottest and driest times in August, with many days recording high temperatures exceeding the previously measured levels in the city. 

  1. Clear Skies Half Of The Year:

Almost half the year, the skies above Provo are clear and blue, and people looking for a way to make sure that they always have full sunlight in their homes, motorized shades can help by blocking out UV rays that can damage flooring and furniture. Motorized shades are also great at keeping rooms dark during naps or overnight sleep, allowing residents to rest easily without any interruptions from outside light sources. The sun shines bright and strong throughout the day.

The unique climate of Provo makes motorized shades an important addition to any home or business building in the city. They can help homeowners save money on heating bills while also keeping their homes cool during those hot summer months when temperatures reach triple digits!

Here are a few benefits that motorized shades can offer: 

  1. Motorized shades help maintain the indoor climate without sacrificing natural lighting.
  1. They offer privacy and light control and can be set to open or close at certain times of the day, allowing residents to keep prying eyes out while still enjoying the sun’s rays. In addition to that, they can be used to control how much sunlight enters the home or office throughout the day.
  1. They offer a high degree of heat protection and help keep unwanted heat out during summer months by blocking it from entering through windows or skylights with no window treatments. They also eliminate glare and reduce the overall temperature in an area by preventing direct sunlight from reaching its surface.