Why Should You Take Vinyl Flooring Seriously


Luxury vinyl flooring is increasingly becoming a hot choice for many homeowners. Most of them, after a redesign or renovation project, opt for luxury vinyl flooring. However, the surprising part of the story is; how come luxury and vinyl come together? Traditionally, vinyl floorings were associated with bargain renovation projects mostly because of tasteless colors and patterns. To this day, even multimillion-dollar new launch condo in singapore are opting for luxury vinyl flooring.

The fact behind the popularity

Vinyl planks and tiles for floorings are being manufactured through an improved process. This evolution in making process is the cause of enhanced quality and thus portrays high-quality flooring. Considering this, vinyl flooring, to this day, has become a desire for most homeowners and designers.


With natural hardwood and tile flooring, lots of concerns are building up for active households. This diminishes the point of durability. However, with vinyl flooring, this shouldn’t be a matter of concern. Vinyl is resistant to water, and stains and the durability suit appropriately for high traffic areas.

Mimicry of appearance

Vinyl flooring has advanced a lot with its printing and thus, it has the ability to mimicry a wide range of other types of floorings. It often becomes difficult to distinguish between natural wood and vinyl flooring. Luxury vinyl floorings are available in different types of patterns and appearances including maple, teak walnut, marble and even slate.

Quality in composition

New-age vinyl flooring has managed to break the disgrace of low and cheap quality. Vinyl tiles and planks that are able to mimic stone actually contain natural minerals. Some even contain 75% natural limestone and 25% vinyl. Luxury vinyl tiles, which are available in the market these days, require grout to hold them together.

Shaped in natural pieces

The composition of vinyl floorings not only contains natural products but also is also available in the actual shape to create a more realistic shape. Most of the planks are available in individual tiled pieces that look like real planks of timber or stone. They are available at room-sized sheets and cut down to size.

Vinyl flooring hasn’t remained the same as what we used to know. Luxury vinyl floorings have evolved a lot to this day and these are some of the reasons they should be taken seriously. There are lots of quality and style available in the market and therefore, one must pay special attention when choosing vinyl flooring.