Your guide to upscale your home with wall cladding


More often than not, walls are overlooked from amateur interior design. As a major surface in any building, both exterior and interior walls, if delicately designed, could bring immense change of perception towards the classiness and gorgeousness.

Working in the interior design industry for a decade, I have seen the angels and devils in wall design. While some would just hang classical paintings on the wall, some went full-on exploration mode with explosive colours that did not match the interior at all. From all the applications that I have seen, stone wall cladding is one that can fit almost all designs.

If you think stone is going to reduce the cosiness of your home, you will have to think again. The natural texture from great quality stone can hugely enhance the warmth of design without the need of extravagant aids. The colour range of stone can fit almost any form of design as well.

When I was renovating my home, one of the key features that I would like to add were a feature wall – a wall that, on its own, is able to get attention from your visitors. However, it is still my home after all that I have to look at every day.

Rather than going full psycho, I have chosen an ice white stackstone that added texture but still reflecting sunlight to enhance the spatial awareness of the living room. The result was tremendously great as my friends have frequently asked for adding one in their places as well.

More advanced application of stone wall cladding can be implemented with a waterfall. As minor streams of water drip down the stones, it often creates a unique flowing pattern that add exquisiteness to the exterior of buildings, not to mention the serenity that water features often tags along.

Wall claddings also come in less packed patterns like dry panels or loose rock wall. Rather than building an authentic wall of rocks which are typically extremely expensive, these pre-made options offer easier installation and more affordable pricing. And you will be amazed how the addition of stone can exponentially scale up the appearance of your home.

While more simplistic stackstones are great for the interior of homes that residents would not feel over-the-top by looking at it day and night, complex or deluxe stackstones are hugely beneficial to venues that visitors would come by once in a while. The exterior walls of golf clubs and restaurants, for example, can extend the nobleness of the venue to the appearance. Logos with backlight over stone wall claddings are extremely gorgeous when seen in the dark, as the texture of the stone being highlighted from the light.

I am a huge advocate of stone wall cladding, given its aid to my job. As compared to timber cladding which many loved to use, I enjoy the lesser maintenance required for stone wall cladding. Using material that will not harm any trees, stones are also less expensive than metal cladding while also helpful in reducing heat transmission into the house. While everyone is choosing timber over other cladding options, why not use stone to give your house a different stance?