Features of Condominium on the Top Floor

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Stereotypes about the apartment on the top floor originated in Soviet times. After all, then the leaking roof and other troubles accompanied the inhabitants of small Khrushchev quite often. However, time is running out and such situations have long been untrue.

The modern competitive real estate market has long reached a new level, annually demanding higher quality building materials and services. Far East Organization, as one of the best developers in Singapore, tries to improve every process to the smallest detail. It is with this approach to work, acondo on the top floor can also have many advantages. Having bought a condominium on the top floor of Amber Sea, you can be sure that the problems of the roof, water pressure and noisy elevator will not bother you.

The top floor is designed for those who love daylight. This is the first and most noticeable feature of the apartments on the upper floors. Whether there is a balcony or spacious windows, light will penetrate from all sides. Because, rising higher, the accumulation of adjacent buildings will gradually dissipate, shading the sun for the residents of the apartments on the lower floors. And living in daylight is much more pleasant than in artificial light, right?

Living on the top floor, you can enjoy breath-taking views of the surroundings. Very often this aspect attracts all lovers of aesthetics or morning coffee with a view of the hometown, to choose housing on the top floor.

There are no neighbours upstairs. Of course, soundproofing, even with the best technology available in the real estate market, cannot completely cut you off from the world. Therefore, if you are one of those people who are annoyed by the slightest unwanted sound, then the top floor is the solution to this problem. In addition, children’s cries from the playground or street melodies will not reproach you either.

Usually the background city noise does not disturb the residents of the apartments, especially if you come home in the evening after work. If you work from home, experts recommend choosing housing as high as possible to be more productive and not be distracted at every signal from continuous city activities, especially from traffic. Because the higher you are, the better the sound insulation. It’s simple: living on the top floor of a house is the fastest way to forget that you live in the city.

Housing on the top floors creates a natural boundary with the city bustle that prevails on the streets. First of all, it makes it possible to isolate from air pollution, because at an altitude of several tens of meters, it is usually cleaner.

When choosing an apartment in a new building, the main thing is to find a compromise and decide what will be comfortable for you. Weighing all the pros and cons, call, managers of Amber Sea will be happy to talk to you and tell you more about all possible options and Amber Sea price will be also given to you upfront. They guarantee that the choice of apartments they offer will pleasantly surprise you.

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