What are the Different Methods of Face Mounting and Direct Printing in Acrylic Photo Printing?


There are two basic and distinct processes to create an acrylic print in order to bring two different kinds of outcome namely the direct printing on the acrylic substrate and the second is the method of face mounting which is done through printing the photo on a paper and then mounted behind the acrylic. The acrylic print varies from one print company to others in terms of quality, craftsmanship, time of production, quality of packaging, and prices. Get your photos printed either through direct acrylic print or face mounting processes from Big Acrylic prints to ensure the quality, durability, craftsmanship and affordability of photo printing.

The acrylic photo printing companies usually do not use direct printing method for gallery-quality art because of inferior outcomes with regards to the vibrancy of photos, their colour accuracy, and durability in terms of colour fading. It is often considered better to use the face mounting method for gallery-quality art outcomes. It has been noticed that most companies who normally outsource the acrylic photo prints do not give priority to face mounting method and eventually do not produce gallery-quality acrylic prints. Ultimately, they charge low but at the same time provide photo prints which are less vibrant, inferior in colour accuracy, and are not durable or in other words colour fading over the period.

The direct print of acrylic photos is normally done using the UV printers while adding ink directly to acrylic. In the face mounting method, the process may include an acceptable level of imperfection such as the bubbles and the dust specs may get trapped in between the print and acrylic if you do not take utmost care. This is one of the basic reason why most acrylic print companies are scared about printing through face mounting method and use the direct print method. In order to ensure gallery-quality through using face mounting method, you may need redoing until you get perfection and this process makes the face mounting expensive in comparison to direct printing. This is another reason even the acrylic face mounting companies use disclaimer option saying price offered may include visible imperfections.

The backing materials of acrylic photo prints generally include Dibond, sintra, or another sheet of acrylic. The sintra is high-density plastic and comparatively cheaper in comparison to dibond and less stable. The dibond is basically a polyethylene core which is sandwiched by two thin aluminium pieces. The dibond is rigid and good as backing material for acrylic photo prints but eventually, dibond is expensive.