What is the need of CCTV Drain Survey? How does it help us?

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What is a CCTV drain survey?

A CCTV drainage survey is a process for examining the condition of the drainage system is checked with a camera system to record video footage and useful data, and the process for inspecting this drain survey through CCTV is called a CCTV drainage survey.

This technology turned out to be an essential tool for inspecting and surveying underground drains, sewers, safely, cost-effectively, and quickly.

The CCTV drainage surveys are also to inspect above-ground pipes, for example, soil stacks, rainwater downpipes, vertical chutes, industrial process pipes, and ducting systems.

Benefits of CCTV drain survey –

The CCTV drain survey takes hardly 1-2 hours to inspect the drain system. 

With the knowledge of drainage systems, it is quite easy to diagnose these problems. 

For example, the damp in a specific location might reveal if there is a clog nearby. It can provide a good indication of the exact situation.

However, when the problem appears to be a bit less clear, and more in-depth inspection will be required.

Presently, the CCTV cameras are turning out to be quite beneficial to investigate the pipes without having to venture inside. The CCTV drain system detects the problems of clogging or blockage quickly.

How does CCTV help us?

  • These are necessary to execute planned work to carry out pipe repairs, replacement, and rehabilitation. 
  • CCTV drainage surveys are a remote access technology that collects data safely, without carrying out potentially hazardous confined space entries.
  • CCTV drain surveys are used to investigate drain related problems, such as blockages, flow rates, etcetera.
  • They are helpful in construction projects, as they identify drain connectivity and allow contractors to design a proper drainage system.
  • CCTV drainage surveys are essential to permit system owners to manage costs and get rid of issues like pipe failure and highly-damaging drain.
  • CCTV surveys allow building contractors to show the condition of drainage systems before handing them over to clients.

Hence, CCTV drain surveys are necessary to use at home to keep the house safe from external harm. The modern technology like CCTV drain survey proves to be essential equipment for this purpose.