5 Types of Window Coverings

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Window coverings come in types based on their sizes, shapes, and designs. Each type of these coverings offers a wide range of benefits such as outstanding privacy, light-filtering, insulation, etc. If you are trying to find the best coverings for your home, it is essential to know the various types of window coverings available.

In view, here are 5 types of window coverings:

1. Drapes

Drapes are heavy materials that are lined to provide an excellent covering for your windows. In terms of look, they can be easily confused with curtains. However, the main differences lie in the fact that drapes have linings and heavy materials. Drapes also usually reach the floor.

Drapes are usually installed in formal settings where privacy is essential. They are also great for blocking out light and decorating a room.

2. Curtains

Generally, curtains are made with light materials that allow light to come into a room. Nonetheless, a few curtains are created with heavy fabrics; hence, they look like drapes. Sometimes, curtains are combined with shades or drapes to block light or increase the privacy of a room.

You should understand that curtains are available in numerous styles and sizes. Some of the common curtain types include café curtains, rod pocket curtains, grommet curtains, and tab top curtains. Also, their length tends to differ as many curtains stop at the window whereas others almost reach the floor.

3. Blinds

Vinyl, aluminum, metal, wood, and other stiff materials are usually used for making blinds. Based on their orientations, blinds can either be vertical blinds or horizontal blinds. Each type is great and can offer some level of privacy for your home.

Since they are quite functional, many homeowners go for blinds when installing window coverings for their houses. Also, there are automated blinds that you can open or close with a remote, mobile app, or wall-mounted system.

4. Shades

Typically, a window shade has a translucent or heavy solid panel. Vinyl and fabric are some of the most common materials for making shades. The translucency or heaviness of the material for the shades will determine the amount of privacy that the window coverings will provide.

Like most other coverings, shades can be opened or closed whenever you want. Additionally, they come in different types such as woven wood shades, roller shades, Roman shades, cellular shades, and banded shades.

5. Interior shutters

Although plantation shutters stuart fl are not often used as other coverings, they are great options for many homes. Also called plantation shutters, interior shutters have louvers, which are big slats that you can adjust to determine the level of privacy and light that a room will enjoy. These window coverings can be installed outside of the window or a window casing. Notably, interior shutters san jose ca are available in an array of tilts, colors, materials, and louver sizes. Furthermore, interior shutters may cover the entire window or just half of it.

Which of these 5 awesome window coverings would you like to install to beautify and secure your home?