Instructions on Fixing a Dent


Drywall is the most frequently used construction to create interior walls. Due to its relative softness, the material is liable to damage causing many defects. These flaws can be easily removed without involving any specialists.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Fix Dents

Fixing a drywall dent may seem confusing. But the truth is that this process is easy if you follow a few basic steps.

Grind the Edges

Grind the edges of a dent with a sanding block. Create a rough surface of the dent itself for good adhesion of the putty used for patching.

Apply the Putty

Putty is the main thing in patching a dent. Follow these recommendations to make it professionally with no bumps:

  • Apply the putty to the dented area and then smooth it out.
  • Turn a putty knife at a 90-degree angle against the wall and run it through to remove the remains of the putty.
  • Check the area as it dries to determine how full the dent is filled.
  • If the putty sags at that time, it might be necessary to apply a second

Grind the Surface

Use a fine-grained sanding block to gently level the surrounding wall surface after the putty is dried out completely. You can use a wet sponge as well to level the edges.

Apply a primer coat

As the putty is a fairly porous material, it is important to apply a primer coat to the repaired area before painting. Otherwise, the paint will be different from the rest of the wall. Use the primer coat to match the color of the paint.


When the primer coat is dried out, you should paint that part of the wall with a soft cloth. Work carefully and apply the paint with the same efforts as when painting the whole wall. So that the paint does not stand out after drying.


Many people wonder how to fix a dent in the wall with their own hands. And it appears to be so easy that they would like to try. Follow the above-mentioned steps, and your wall will look like new.