Three Factors to Consider when Choosing Garden Planters


If you are like most homeowners, you may want to create an inviting space either for relaxing or entertaining. One of the best ways to make this happen is to explore container gardening and display your favourite botanicals in outdoor idealist garden planters. Outdoor plant pots can create borders, add some privacy to your vicinity, and divide space, improving your exterior. 

There are a lot of beautiful plant containers and pots for use in gardens. How do you pick the right one? Usually, your choice is guided by your taste alone. But, if you want to keep your garden growing happily and healthily, you must take the needs of your plants into consideration when picking a planter. Below are some things to consider:

Kind of Plants you Choose

It is imperative to think about major decisions when deciding on a planter. These include the need to consider the capability of your plant to survive in dry conditions, its mature size, the possibility of you putting ornament grass in the container, and if you combine plants in the container. 

Container Exposure

While all pots dry out faster than soil in the garden, some exposures will exacerbate the situation. When planning in full sun, choose a pot made from a non-porous material. Terry cotta tends to dry out very quickly. Also, synthetic resin pots stay cooler and retain moisture longer than other materials.


Consider if you have to move the pot around. In some instances, a planter on a deck must be moved for convenience. Do you want to be able to move your container garden where your shade or sun is or take it in for the colder months? If you think you will be moving the pot for any reason, avoid big planters. Although concrete urns are lovely, they must stay where you place them to avoid breaking them.